4 Common Mistakes Sellers Make — and How to Avoid Them

Don’t let these pitfalls stop you from selling your home

Selling a home can be a stressful process, especially if it’s your first time! There are lots of different factors to consider and protocols to follow. But how can you avoid making some of the most common seller mistakes? 

1. Overpricing their home

The number one mistake sellers make when putting their home on the market? Overpricing. While you may love your home and think you know its value, it’s essential to consult with your real estate agent regarding the home’s actual monetary value. Many people believe their home is worth more than what the market indicates or suggests, and they price the house according to their belief. This may make it difficult for the offers to come rolling in, and you’ll likely end up having to reduce the price anyway. 

Avoid this mistake by: Talking with your real estate agent and pricing your home to reflect the market value.

2. Refusing lowball offers

Some sellers will refuse — or even outright ignore — any offers they think are less than their home is worth. While it can certainly be frustrating to receive an offer that’s lower than you hoped, it’s important to consider all offers, not just the ones that sound good to you.

Avoid this mistake by: Considering any and all offers, even if they’re lower than expected.

3. Poor showing etiquette

Showing your home is an integral part of selling your house. It’s considerably challenging to sell a home based solely on photos — people will want to walk through the property, check out the amenities, and make sure the home meets their needs, whether that’s lots of natural light or spacious bedrooms. Sometimes sellers will refuse to hold showings, reject individual showings, or remain on the property while potential buyers tour the home.

Avoid this mistake by: Being open to showings and cooperating by vacating your home when the showings occur.

4. Failing to prepare their home to sell

Many sellers don’t take the time to adequately prepare their home for listing. This could mean leaving clutter in the house, neglecting to hire a cleaning service to remove unpleasant smells like smoke or pet odor, or failing to spruce up the home’s curb appeal. Some sellers will post blurry or dark photos when listing their house, which doesn’t allow potential buyers to get a good impression of the space.

Avoid this mistake by: Working with professionals to clean, stage, and photograph your home! 

To avoid these common errors, you’ll want an experienced real estate agent on your side. If you’re getting ready to sell your home in Dublin, Danville, or Fremont, California, contact East Bay real estate agent Prema Subramaniam today. 

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