How to Navigate a Multiple-Offer Scenario as a Seller


Explore Tips for Juggling Multiple Offers

It’s definitely exciting to receive multiple offers when you’re selling your home, but at the same time, it can be a stressful experience. Many people aren’t sure where to begin with juggling multiple offers, especially if it’s their first time selling a house. Read on for tips on how to handle a multi-offer scenario.

Consider Your Priorities

Are you looking to sell as soon as possible, or do you have time to wait for the best offer possible? Have you purchased a new home to move into, or will you need to rent while you wait for everything to be finalized? If you need to get moving, it may be smarter to take a lower offer with a quicker closing, as it will also net you more money when all is said and done. Take some time to think over your top priorities and your ideal timeline; this is also something that’s great to discuss with your agent. 

Chat Often With Your Agent

A great real estate agent will be in communication with you often, keeping you apprised of all the goings-on and advising you as to what you should be doing at each point in time. Reach out to your agent whenever you have questions. They will be able to explain things in layman’s terms if that’s what you need and will also have the necessary info if you need to compare offers by making a pro/con list.

If You Have a Standout Offer, Accept It… 

When looking over your multiple offers, one might jump out to you as the ideal. Maybe it’s the high bid of your wildest dreams, or maybe it’s the elusive cash offer that would ensure a sped-up timeline. If you have a great offer like this, it’s usually best to accept it rather than starting negotiations with other interested buyers that could drag on and on. 

...But Don’t Be Afraid of a Bidding War!

If you receive a truly great offer and want to see if the other interested parties will adjust accordingly, you and your agent are well within your rights to let them know. If they have their heart set on purchasing your home but hear that someone’s put in a bigger offer, they may well counter with an even better one.

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