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Cosmetic improvements to a home can show a material increase in sale price, but clients often don’t want to or aren’t able to spend that money. 
The Compass Concierge program will assist you in preparing your home for market by allowing us to completely fund the cosmetic improvements that will increase the value of your home - staging, cleaning, landscaping and more. At the time of your property's closing, Compass Concierge will simply invoice you for the total services rendered. No upfront costs, no hidden fees

Services Might Include:

How A Living Room Transformed

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Professional and responsible. Attentive and detail-oriented. Knowledgeable and diligent. Working with Prema is a breath of fresh air.
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Prema understands what it is like to stand in her client’s shoes. Buying and selling houses of her own, has afforded Prema a sensitivity towards her client’s journey. Meeting new people and helping clients find the right house to call home is her passion.
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